My Story

I met my husband on a popular dating site, and when I tell people they are usually excited, but then say, "I don't know if I can do that." Or "I've given that a try but it didn't work." Or, my favorite, "I need you to show me how!" 


And that's why I created SHE DATES SAVVY! I want to help women get over the fear and stigma of meeting a man online, and start working towards meaningful relationships! 

Listen, I know online dating can be a daunting task! I've been there, done that, and have some funny stories to share about some of the "Mr. Wrongs" I  encountered online before I met my "Mr. Right." But, unlike you, I didn't have someone like ME helping to navigate me through the process.   

I guess you can call me a pioneer of online dating. 


Back in the late 90's, when I was a freshman or sophomore in college, armed with my new Macintosh Performa 5200CD and my new AOL dial-up subscription, I entered the world wide web! 

It was amazing! I could chat with people from all around the globe on all different topics. And there was also the service called “LOVE AT AOL.” This was AOL’s version of online dating way back in the day. 

I met a man who looked much like Wanya Morris from Boys II Men, and I was head over heels. We chatted for months and then, I took the big step and flew…yes at 19 or 20 and very strong-willed…I flew to Chicago (without the blessing of my parents) to meet the man of my dreams. Well, the man of my 19-year-old dreams, at least. The trip was fun, he was nice, still looked exactly like Wanya in person, and he introduced me to his family and friends and showed me around Chicago's Magnificent Mile.

After that weekend, we continued to date long-distance for some months after but things did dwindle after a while because at 19/20 was I really able to maintain a long-distance love? Nope. But, it taught me very early on that the world was so much bigger than the familiar faces I saw everyday in my neighborhood or college campus. 

In my 20s, I met and dated a guy I met in college. We got engaged after a few years, but never married. We had a daughter together. And then I was single again. 

Throughout the rest of my 20s and 30s, I met and went out on dates with a variety of men: the rocket scientist, the pastor, the musician, the singer, the actor, the single dad, just to name a few. And I met them in various ways: at “the club,” at work, through friends, at family functions, at church, at a wedding, and online. 

I never had a problem meeting men in “traditional” ways, however, online always offered a level of convenience for my busy lifestyle. It also allowed me to cut straight to the chase of who I wanted to meet. I viewed it much like grocery shopping. Go in with a list of what I want to buy, make my rounds down the aisles of the store to get what I want, check out and I keep it moving. 

In my eyes, online dating offers the same convenience. 

I knew the way I wanted him to look. How tall I wanted him to be. What I wanted his writing style to be. What interests I wanted him to share of mine. And online dating put it all out there before I had to ever say a word to him. For me, that was the perfect way of dating.

So, although I didn’t set out to meet and marry a man I met online, I’m not surprised at all that I did connect and fall in love with a man this way. And you know why it happened? Because I was open to the idea of meeting and getting to know a man from an online dating site. And I want to encourage other women to move past the stigma and fear of meeting someone online, and open themselves up to the idea! 

I created She Dates Savvy with my girlfriends in mind! I truly want every woman to find love. My goal with She Dates Savvy is to help you ladies navigate the world of digital dating, through workshops and one-on-one coaching, and get moving towards your destiny in love!

So, let’s get you online! You never know who may be out there looking for you! 


Smart Girls Don't Just Date, They Date Savvy!