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A Dose of Dating Inspiration You Didn’t Know You Needed

My sister-friend went on a date with a grown-ass man on Friday night. Like, grown-ass, date planning, great conversation-having, social distance considering, rose-bringing-to-the-date...GROWN ASS MAN. Man!

And I’m so happy for her!

She met him on Match. And they are already planning for date two this Sunday.

And, again, I’m so happy for her!

Why am I’m so happy for her? Not just because I’m her part-time dating coach. Or her sister friend. Or because I think she is amazing, and gorgeous, with the most wonderful curves, and has THEE most incredible laugh anyone would ever want to hear wafting through the air, and that she deserves this goodness. Nahhhhhh. Those are reasons, but not WHY I’m so happy for her.

I’m MOST happy for her because I remember how many times this year alone when she’s wanted to throw in the towel. Like, seriously she has had a few ghosters (ugh! Boy bye...just say you’re not interested), users (damn, I wanted to curse this dude out on her behalf), and we’ve even giggled that she was gonna throw in the towel on men and start pitching for the other team (listen, shit got real this summer when Niecey Nash got married)!

But she didn’t give up all together.

She logged off when she needed to.

She regrouped when she had to.

And she started all over again as her heart desired to.

And BAM! Great date with a great guy.

That makes my heart happy because I know what it feels like to truly desire GOOD love and feel like it’s so far out of your reach. But I also know what it feels and looks like when you just keep swimming...and find your one.

Now of course we don’t know if he’s her ONE. But what we do know is he’s refreshed her perspective on dating, at just the right time.

So, to YOU I ask, a few questions:

💞 Where are you in your dating process: taking a break to reset, actively engaged, or stuck?

💞 What steps do you need to take to start your process moving again: switching sites to get more quality men, updating your profile pics or bio?

💞 What changes do you want to see in your LOVE LIFE by this time next year?

And lastly, are YOU willing to dig in and do the work to see it all come to pass? And when...

Take a moment to truly ponder my questions before you reply. Then, drop me a line here or DM me and let me know.

And in the meantime, just know THIS: there is GOOD LOVE out there. You just have to change our perspective, shake off the past and get back at it.

It’s time Ladies!

What say YOU?

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