Are you out of your regular coaching calls, but you have a dating scenario which made you say, "I need to talk to Tera..." OR "Oh, Gosh! I wonder what Tera would have to say about this?" Well, this IS for you! If you are a Client (meaning you've purchased a Custom Dating Profile, 1:1 Coaching, or attended a Masterclass) YOU are eligible for this service! 


Right now, this service is only available to PREVIOUS CLIENTS because I know their profiles are well-written, and they have the fundamentals of Savvy Dating. 


So, if you've run out of calls and need to TALK TO ME when you NEED TO TALK TO ME...go ahead and secure your spot! You get TWO (20) MINUTE CALLS A MONTH...don't use them, just bank them for the next month!


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Dating on Demand
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