Smart Girls Still Don't Date Dumb

Smart Girls Still Don't Date Dumb

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It’s 2020 and so much about the dating world has changed, but the one thing that has remained true is “Smart Girls Still Don’t Dating Dumb.” Who has time for that? You know, social media stalking the Ex and his new Boo. Letting the guy who “Ghosted” you, boomerang back into your life for the 33rd time. Or, allowing “Mr. Unavailable” to occupy space in your mind, heart and life, knowing he will never give you what you truly deserve. Ouch! Truth hurts, right?


But when it comes from Tera Stidum, Dating Expert and owner of She Dates Savvy, LLC, the dose of reality is a bit easier to swallow because you know it’s wrapped up in a whole lot of wisdom and love, from a girl who has “been there, done that” herself. In her first book, Smart Girls Don’t Date Dumb, Tera shared her story of leaving a highly successful TV career in Los Angeles and ridding herself of a dead-end relationship. She shared the lows of being in a relationship that left her feeling empty and wondering if she would ever get to her happily ever after. And the highs of a chance meeting with a Guy on a dating site whose “spirit” attracted her.


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