Are you finally ready to get your life and relationships on track? Ready to deal with life from a savvy perspective? Well, I'm ready to help you! Why? Because I've been there and I've done it in my own life...and now I want to guide you towards this transformation in your own life. 


Did you know I left a job as a Producer/Writer on highly-rated and successful TV show in L.A. in order to "create" the life you see me living now! Was it easy? Not always. Was it necessary? It saved my life. Was it worth it? Absolutely! 


And I believe the changes you want to make in your life and relationships are that important too! So, I'm here to help you with the new "Savvy Life, Coaching Program" where we will work together for the next 6 weeks to help you CREATE the life you've always envisioned. Including the loving relationship you desire, but first...we deal with you. And all the the matters of your heart! 


The program includes: 

* Virtual introductory appointment 

* Homework Prompts & Assignments 

* Savvy Life Map & Progress Plan 

* 6 weeks of 30 minute coaching calls (2 will be virtual) 

...and YOU on your way to a more savvy life! 


Are you ready to make the commitment to your new life? 

I'm ready to help you! 

Savvy Life, Coaching Program