December 30, 2018

“Mama I MADE IT!”



Listen, I entered 2018 in a cloud of grief. Loss nearly took the wind from my sails. But, I MADE A DECISION that I couldn’t stay that way. I have awesome friends who ENCOURAGED me, a Husband who LOVED & SUPPORTED me, a Mama who PRAYED for me...but I also HAD TO GET TO WORK!!!


I did the Therapy. I took the leave from work. I ate better. I went back to school. I started working out. I started working towards a desire deep down in my heart and my Husband’s. I strengthened my bond with My Baby Girl. I coached more women this year than any year before. I opened myself up to new meaningful friendships. I SHOWED UP FOR ME & DID THE WORK NECESSARY TO SEE THE CHANGE I DESPERATELY NEEDED TO SEE IN MY LIFE! And it WORKED, because I DID TOO! 


2018 was all about DOING THE WORK! Why am I sharing this? Because THIS SMILE YOU SEE is of a GIRL who DID (and is still DOING) THE WORK...and I need you to know that I STAND IN AGREEMENT with you as YOU BEGIN (or continue) THE WORK TO SEE A BETTER YOU RIGHT NOW! So, what’s that THING for you? 

Whatever it is, let’s GOOOOOOOOOO! Happy New Year!!! ❤️

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