"Stop Complicating Things...Just Say You're Not Interested!"

May 2, 2019



Twice in the last week I've had a client ask me this question, so I'm sharing it with you as May's SAVVY DATING TIP! The question: What should I do if, after the first phone call or date, I realize I'm not interested in him?


My answer is simple. TELL HIM! "But how, Tera? I don't want to hurt his feelings" you say! 

Ladies, hear me and hear me well...

Do NOT complicate your life and make yourself uncomfortable by trying to avoid someone you're truly not interested in.

 Instead, drop a nice note thanking him for the phone call or the date...and then let him know you don't feel you two are a good match and wish him well on his journey! And be DONE!


Then, get back to spending your time and energy searching for your TRUE MATCH!



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