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Dating Services

Programs and services we have to help smart, professional woman date savvy. 

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You did it!

You finally put your dating life back on your “to-do” list and you’ve proclaimed this is YOUR TIME TO FIND LOVE! But, there are just a few challenges with that proclamation:

  • We’re in a pandemic where men wear mask and stay 6-feet away from you…

  • You’ve been off the dating scene so long, people were still writing their numbers on napkins as a way to exchange information…

  • You have no clue where the single men in your area hang out or can be found…

  • Mr. Right has still not knocked on your front door…

  • You’re open to online dating and have even met others who’ve succeeded at it (me, me, me!) but you have no clue where to begin…


If any of this sounds like what you’re experiencing…I know I have a service that can help you still achieve your goal, so keep reading!

Savvy Dating Masterclasses

Smart Girl’s Guide To Digital Dating 


Ready to learn all you need to know about online dating from the Online Dating Guru?


Well, I'm SO READY to spend some 1-on-1 time teaching you ladies how to date savvy! The information shared will help you GET IT RIGHT when it comes to online dating, especially now that we're in a Pandemic! One of last year's webinar attendees got engaged to a man she met online after attending my class. 


 Here's just some of what you're going to walk away with:

  • Shopping on the right site!

  • Creating a Profile that POPS

  • Weeding out the Catfish & Love Scammers

  • Online Flirting & First Messages that get a response

  • Quarantine Baes vs. Forever Boos

  • Virtual Date Ideas 

  • And so much more!

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Private 1-1 Coaching

Enter the virtual dating world with confidence when you participate in my one-on-one coaching sessions.  I will help you create a desirable profile, coach you on beneficial correspondence with potential dates, and give you personalized pointers from my TSGGDD Workshop. 


Allow me to assist you on your dating journey and maximize your efforts with my savvy coaching sessions.  Book your session today and become a savvy dater.


Available in 45-Day Coaching Packages


  • 30 minutes per week direct contact to go over matches—via phone/Skype/ZOOM exchange

  • In-Person or Skype Meeting: create profile & screen name

  • Select profile photos

  • Assist with the search for potential matches

  • Implement pointers from TSGGDD workshop

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Savvy Dating Profile

As a five-time, Emmy-nominated TV producer, journalist, and communication specialist, storytelling is my passion. Your dating profile is your story and should convey the same enthusiasm, convictions, and desires that you display in your everyday life. 


Allow me to create an alluring profile that will not only get you noticed but also attract the ideal energy and persona that you look for in a partner.  I will help you seduce your perfect man with my words, then you can take care of the rest.  

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