May 2, 2019


Twice in the last week I've had a client ask me this question, so I'm sharing it with you as May's SAVVY DATING TIP! The question: What should I do if, after the first phone call or date, I realize I'm not interested in him?

My answer is simple. TELL HIM! "But how, Tera? I don't want to hurt his feelings" you say! 

Ladies, hear me and hear me well...

Do NOT complicate your life and make yourself uncomfortable by trying to avoid someone you're truly not interested in.

 Instead, drop a n...

February 6, 2019

Happy New Year.

Yes, I know it’s day 32 of this New Year, but I truly want to finally wish you a Happy New Year.

See, when the 1st rolled around, I chose not to send you the obligatory “Happy New Year” wish. If you were like me, your inbox was inundated with wishes from every store, person, and company you’d interacted with in 2018...and I didn’t want She Dates Savvy’s NEW YEAR NEWS to get lost in the mix. The plan was to message you later that week to let you know the WEBINAR was FINALLY happening and I...

December 30, 2018

“Mama I MADE IT!”

Listen, I entered 2018 in a cloud of grief. Loss nearly took the wind from my sails. But, I MADE A DECISION that I couldn’t stay that way. I have awesome friends who ENCOURAGED me, a Husband who LOVED & SUPPORTED me, a Mama who PRAYED for me...but I also HAD TO GET TO WORK!!!

I did the Therapy. I took the leave from work. I ate better. I went back to school. I started working out. I started working towards a desire deep down in my heart and my Husband’s. I strengthened my bond with My Ba...